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Windmill Windsong Vodka

Welcome to West Texas! This premium vodka is aiming to show the world what West Texas can do. Vodka connoisseurs will want this in their collection.

  • Seven Times Distilled
  • Woman-Owned, Family-Run, Distilled, and Bottled at Our Facility in West Texas
  • 100% Neutral Spirits Distilled From Corn
  • Perfect for Mixed Drinks
  • ABV 40%

Habaneros Vodka

First comes the rich flavor of the Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean, not too sweet, surprisingly complex; then the legendary heat of the Habanero pepper builds slowly, not too hot, pleasingly exciting. Habaneros Flavored Vodka captures the natural essence of these two unique, but complementary tastes. Smooth and teasingly sweet, building to the legendary heat of the habanero pepper.

Habaneros Flavored Vodka, “Where the Sweet Meets Heat”.

Dulce Dorado Tequila

A combination of honey and vanilla infused into tequila for the smoothest, easiest drinking tequila. Try it sipped on its own, on the rocks or in a classic sunrise cocktail. Enjoy!

Tequila may have a wild and crazy reputation, but this unique spirit is created according to strict guidelines, guaranteeing authenticity and consistency. It’s distilled from the fermented juice of the Weber blue agave plant, and comes only from a specified region of Mexico, centered around the western state of Jalisco.

Mojito Cocktail

A crisp, refreshing, sparkling classic ‘Mojito’ with a twist of natural lime, natural mint, natural rum flavor, and sparkling water blended to perfection for an incredible hand-crafted wine cocktail experience. A perfectly blended bar-quality cocktail with every sip!