Wine is the New Vodka

Wine is the New Vodka & Whiskey!

Yes, you read that correctly! Wine is replacing the need for vodka and whiskey. Vodka used to be the king, but wine based alcohol acts like a chameleon, able to blend to any flavor of your choosing. Bar owners are able to serve margaritas, manhattans, old fashions, and yes-- even a whiskey sour, without a liquor license. 

Thanks to wine mixes, there has been a new pool within what all can be served with only having a beer and wine license. Wine mixes have flavors of vodka, whiskey, gin, tequila, rum, AND instant frozen daiquiris. Many consumers have enjoyed the taste of the mixes compared to actual whiskeys and hard alcohol. This allows business owners the room to still serve many favorites without having a liquor license. 

Now, many businesses are flourishing thanks to the instant drinks that can be made without the hassle and without the limitations of having only a beer and wine license.  Eskimo Hut is a perfect example. Eskimo Hut was started in 1996 in Amarillo. This chain drive-thru convenience store makes you want to stop in for frozen daiquiris and margaritas. 

Distilled Spirits best watch out, wine is coming for them. Wine will help businesses flourish and strive just from one sip. If you don't believe me, try it and see for yourself.