Topshelf Blends: Easy Rhino


Recipe of the day 
Fall spice 
Pour pumpkin spice creamer
Baileys liquor 
Finish it off with Easy Rhino
Tada! There you go, an easy pumpkin spice drink! 

Release your inner animal while helping to save actual Rhinos with Easy Rhino! This drink has a deliciously infused taste of cinnamon to spice things up. Top Shelf, a Texas spirit producer, has partnered with the developer of Easy Rhino to give you a drink to make more than your taste buds go wild.

Easy Rhino is the self-proclaimed ultimate “wingman”. The idea for Easy Rhino came from Robert J. Tushinsky. His formula was created by collaborating with some of the world’s top herbalists, and includes  Blood Orange and other exotic blends of herbs from around the world. This special blend of carefully selected herbs deliver a unique taste and feeling of vigor to your experience. Exotic Herbs like Muira Puama, Ashwagandha and Epimedium bring a deliciousness and arousal that can't be found in any other spirit. Most of all Easy Rhino is about bringing couples together to have an amazing time. When Easy Rhino is involved the possibilities of seduction are endless. 

On top of having delicious flavors, the developer of Easy Rhino has also taken up the very important call of rhino preservation. They are focusing their efforts, in particular, on white rhinos due to shrinking rhino populations and increased dangers these rhinos encounter. It is an effort that is supported globally and Easy Rhino is glad to do its part. Easy Rhino works closely with United for Wildlife, WCS, and Wildlife Conservation Network in this effort.  Easy Rhino’s mission is to bring a unique, flavorful product to consumers while helping the environment and endangered animals along the way.