Game Day Poison

Refreshing lemonade mix to keep you cool, but give you a kick. It will become your favorite game-day drink! 

  1. Grab your favorite game-day cup
  2. Pour 3 shots of Top Shelf vodka
  3. Your favorite lemonade 
  4. Add ice and stir

Drink up and enjoy your favorite college teams. 

Liquor Alternatives

With a beer and wine only license, you can make a customers night in a heartbeat. 

It is challenging to create strong drinks for customers, but wine-based liquor alternatives can make it happen--no liquor license needed. 


Wine-based liquor alternatives are a beverage that mimics the taste of vodka and can mimic the alcohol content that you would find in regular vodka. A wine-based liquor alternative will give you the best of both worlds.

My friends and I had tried the wine-based liquor alternative for the first time, and it was out of this world! It was smooth but still there. It gives the same smell and taste of vodka, without the burn. There will hands-down not be another drink that I will go for, and now neither will my roommate. We have gone out to other places and enjoyed what they had but truly thought the wine-based vodka was more palatable than anything we had ever had.

I would prefer this drink over most of the drinks that I get at a restaurant. It was smoother than most vodkas, but it still had a kick with it. Top Shelf will be all I drink for all game days to come!