Bottling:  Whether you need a turnkey operation or already have your own product, Top Shelf can help with all of your custom bottling needs.  Our 12 head in-line filler is compatible with a wide range of bottles. We can use almost any glass or plastic round bottle from 50 mL to 4 L.  We are not limited to these specifics, but different sizes and shapes could result in longer turnaround times.  Top Shelf is also equipped with an in-line automatic capping system that can handle round plastic screw caps up to 38 mm.  We can use metal screw caps and offer bottle corking in smaller runs as well.  Top Shelf is also equipped with a 3 head in-line labeling machine.  We are able to apply a front, back and neck label to almost any round bottle.  Different size and shape bottles can be done, but they may have a longer turnaround time.  Samples of all bottles, caps, corks and labels must be sent to Top Shelf to ensure compatibility with all equipment.

Bag In A Box:  We also offer bag in box (BIB) filling services.  We can currently fill 1 gal, 2.5 gal, 3 gal, 5 gal and 6 gal bags. Different sizes are available upon request from 2 L up to 55 gal.  If you have your own bags, we can use them as long as the cap is compatible with our equipment. We also offer custom boxes with custom printing to fit all of your BIB needs.  Sample bags must be sent to Top Shelf to ensure compatibility with equipment.

Getting Started:  Please call us today for individual pricing on any/all services.  We look forward to building future relationships with growing companies in our dynamic industry.


Top Shelf Contract Bottling

What We Do:  At Top Shelf, we have top of the line bottling and packaging equipment along with 20,000 sq ft of warehousing space that allow us to handle all of your beverage needs.  We offer everything from creating a new product from the ground up to storage of your finished products.  If you have an idea for a new taste or flavor, we have the capabilities to make it a reality.  We can assist in every step, including formula development and approval.  The Top Shelf team also has experience with labeling.  We can assist in design, approvals and printing.

Mixing/Blending:  At Top Shelf we are equipped with multiple storage and mixing tanks.  For wine products, we can batch between 500 to 5000 gal.  For distilled spirits, we can build and mix between 500 to 2000 gal at a time. We can receive your product in bulk and package, store and ship (by common carrier) for you.  We can also mix and blend different wine and spirit varieties, add juices, flavors and colors.  With your approved formula and ingredients, we can build your product on site.



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