Top Shelf Distillery with
Buffalo Inspired Spirits


Top Shelf Winery
op Shelf Industries decided to plant its roots in the Texas panhandle, making the small town of Tulia, Texas, its home.  Top Shelf hit the ground running, sending out its first shipment on July 1st of 2009. Supplying companies such
as The Eskimo Hut, Top Shelf quickly emerged as one of the leaders in the frozen daiquiri industry.

For our retailers, what if your market calls for more than just frozen daiquiris?  Our vision includes a full spectrum of products, both existing and in the future.

Top Shelf has already developed a new line of wine based Schnapps and liquors that have taken the beer and wine market by storm. These revolutionary new products make retailer’s options endless, without any sacrifice in taste and quality.  Our products can be sold by the bottle, used for mixed drinks or even served as shots.  From a Peach Bellini to an Appletini, the discerning retailer or beer and wine bar can do it all with Top Shelf.




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